Lavale was born in Milan, Italy, in 1986.
She graduated at the Fine Art academy "Accademia di Brera" of Milan, in 2009.
Specializing in sculpture, she developed her interest for the artistic movements of Landart, Bodyart, and traditional japanese paintings, that are still a big part of her inspiration.
She moved to UK in 2010 where she's still based and works as tattoo artist.

The passion for tattoos has grown in her as a way of personal espression.

Personalize ourselves, marking a memory of our experiences, creating more contact and confidence with our bodies, or simply decorating our image through art. 

Her Avant Garde style incorporates all the new tattoo techniques: dotwork, watercolour, sketchy lines, abstract and geometric.

Working with acrilycs and watercolours, she sets her personal taste for images that recreate a painted effect even on skin.

Her goal is to link the two worlds that she loves, fine art and tattoos.  

In 2019, she proudly opens her own studio Avant Art Tattoo, where she's permanently based, but also travels for guest spots and conventions.